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Peakbridge Global sources, procures and supplies a wide variety of products and equipment, particulary for our international clients. With our acknowledged expertise in our field, we have wide experience at sourcing .......

Research and Design

Here at Peakbridge Global we believe in
working to develop and realise potential
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Potential in people
Potential in relationships

To get ahead and realise your potential with Peakbridge 

Peakbridge Global

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Peakbridge Global Ltd family of diverse, internationally recognised brands which are market leaders in their fields, have gained wide acceptance over the last 20 years, New products are constantly being developed, all specially created with user requirements in mind. 

Peakbridge Global brands are marketed internationally through selected distributors and dealers.


Peakbridge Global Ltd is registered with the US Food and Drug Administration as a manufacturer of nutritional supplements. A copy of the certificate may be viewed here.

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The Pesttrappa brand is a range of highly effective products, both biocidal and pesticide-free, particularly aimed at the fly-control and parasite control markets. Incuding the widely acclaimed REDTOP FLY TRAP and Smite mite-control products.


Agrivite offers  a complete range of scientifically designed nutritional products for livestock, particularly for poultry and avian species, to combat boredom and support wellbeing.
For flock sizes from backyard to commercial, Agrivite products have been designed with bird welfare in mind!


Eton Livestock Appliances has a range of specially designed and selected products for animal husbandry, poultry and egg production and general outdoor hardware supplies.


Intelec UK have been developing and manufacturing quality, specialised electrical and electronic heating, light and control systems for agriculture since 1985.
Our range includes:
Infra-Red lamps and bulbs
Precision thermostats and control panels for incubation
Power supplies and fan motors
Alarm panels and power-failure alarms


Chicktec® supplies egg incubation and hatchery equipment for commercial poultry, professional breeders and the scientific market.
Chicktec develops and builds high-level incubation equipment for use in bioscience and vaccine production.


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